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The Full Story

My goal is to make financial literacy accessible and simple. I make daily videos on TikTok & Instagram and weekly in-depth videos on YouTube to help you reach your financial goals. Although I am a self-taught investor and entrepreneur, I am currently finishing my bachelor of commerce. I also own a financial literacy company, a grocery store, a catering company, and I am working on my fourth venture in the social space.


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Instead of living the "uni" life, I decided to focus on entrepreneurship. Why? Because I want to start living before I'm 30, 40, 50,... Most people only "live" during weekends, during the Christmas holidays, or once they retire. Why? Because we were taught to work until we retire. But retiring has nothing to do with your age. It has to do with the number in your bank account.

If you want to enjoy life sooner you need to have multiple streams of income and that's exactly what I've been focusing on building.


Why multiple streams of income?

Having more than one will accelerate reaching your financial goals. One of my income streams is my grocery store business. After working at the store, day and night for almost one year, I scaled it to a full team so I no longer have to work there. How did I do that? By using my other stream of income (social media) to fund the expansion while taking on zero debt. 

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Then what did I do? 

I repeated this process and used the grocery store to fund my newest venture which is currently being built.

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...that's it right?

Nope! I used my income from social media and Amazon to fund my tuition, my car, my vacations and all my living expenses.


If I didn't have multiple streams of income, it would simply be impossible to pay for my essential bills and build a new business from scratch while attending university. 

So, what's the goal here?

The goal here is freedom. By having businesses that run by themslves and by having passive income through social media, Amazon and investing, I'm working my way to a flexible lifestyle. I do not wish to retire any time soon because I enjoy what I do. However, I am happy that I now have the option to work when I want and how often I want!

I got through all of this by understanding one thing: delayed gratification. Sure the Friday nights at home sucked when all my friends were out but now, I can live my life on my terms.

Trust me, if I can, you can.

Good luck,


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