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This short ebook will help you get started investing in the stock market. It covers the following 10 essential topics:

1. What the stock market is

2. Risks

3. What to invest in (stocks & index funds) 

4. Market Indexes 

5. Diversification

6. How to generate money from the stock market

7. Dividends

8. Dividend re-investment plan

9. How to start investing (brokers, taxes) 

10. Intro to charts


This ebook is for complete beginners anywhere in the world. It will help you take the first step toward your financial goals.



Format: Digital PDF

Delivery: sent to your email at checkout 

Length: 17 pages









Reetu Academy Inc. or Reetu Maz is not a registered investment, legal, tax advisor, or broker/dealer. This information is for educational purposes only. Please do your own due diligence. 



Stocks For Beginners

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